Tuesday, September 6, 2011

RIP Sadie The Saint

From Sandy, Jason and Larry, Sadie's Foster Family

We had the great misfortune to lose our sweet friend and foster companion, Sadie the St. Bernard, quite suddenly to bloat last week. Sadie came to us in June from a shelter in South Dakota, where she was picked up as a stray (which completely boggles our minds...how could someone not be missing this sweet girl?) She was an elegant supermodel of a dog, a tall, tricolor flat-coated St. Bernard beauty with the sweetest, happy-go-lucky disposition I think we've ever met. She loved to engage in active conversations with me (Sandy), and was my constant companion since I'm at home a lot. She loved to prance around, and she and her foster brother Diesel were madly in love with each other, and shared lots of squirrel chasing in our back yard. Our son Larry was also very close with her...he loved to play with her and take her for walks. Needless to say, her loss has brought us all great sadness.

When we took her out in public, everyone (and I mean everyone) gravitated toward her...she was remarkably beautiful, and so friendly and approachable! Even at the Deer Creek Animal Hospital, they remarked on how lovable she was. Sadie came to us with a pretty bad case of entropion in both eyes, and crazy amounts of eye mucus. Dr. Cox and I worked together on bilateral entropion surgery, and then with eye drops to get this issue under control, and she was doing so much better! Gives new meaning to the term "doggone it"! Such an incredible tragedy that this girl left us at such a young, vital age, but we feel so lucky that we got to be her forever family for her last few months. We loved her deeply, and feel comforted knowing that she felt loved in her last days and last hours.

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