Monday, November 7, 2011

RIP Morgan

On Friday we lost the most amazing, beautiful soul we have ever known. Morgan fought a long, hard battle but ultimately Lymphoma took her far too soon. Morgan has been through so much in the short time we've had her; at the end of May she had acl surgery and two weeks later we found out she had Lymphoma. We couldn't bear the thought of losing her so soon and she started chemo immediately. Through all the treatments she still had such an amazing personality and spirit even though we knew she wasn't feeling her best.

Morgan has made such an amazing impact on us and taught us a way to love that we never knew possible. She was a great ambassador for big dogs, she loved everyone and was so sweet to anyone she met. We were told less than two weeks ago that the cancer had become extremely aggressive, and although the last two weeks have been the hardest time of my life I am incredibly thankful for the times we had with her; her nibbling that destroyed comforters and pillows, how she would scoot across the yard on her back to grab a stick or to come to you for a belly rub, and even how on a walk if she was done walking, we were done until she was ready so we'd just sit in front of someones house, even if it was the house next door, until she was feeling up to walking again. I am so incredibly thankful that Morgan's vet saw how special she was and came to our home to help her pass to avoid her having to go through anymore stress, we were together as a family in the bed we created on the floor where we have slept for the last week.

Because of the love of Morgan and the impact she's made, we are in the process of starting a non-profit organization that assists families in our area with medical bills for their pets; I could never imagine someone having their dog diagnosed with Lymphoma, having a broken leg, or being sick and them not having the option to do all that is possible. And although we were only able to spend a little over one year with her, which was not nearly long enough, we are thankful for BDHP, for all you do, and most of all for helping Morgan so she could find us.

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