Friday, June 4, 2010

The love of a Dane....

Suz, a BDHPI volunteer, goes way back with many of us here. She has adopted two Danes over the years and we were so sad when she lost Megan last year. She still has crazy Kaya- a special needs girl with bad legs and a tiny bit of "Please never leave me Mommy" syndrome.

Suz also has been bravely battling ovarian cancer this year and Kaya has been a wonderful support system for her. Kaya seems to sense she is needed and takes her job as guardian very seriously! For those of you who may need to give Suz a shot in the future, consider yourself warned :)

Suz and Kaya recently did a photo shoot with Claire Bow, who you may remember did our beautiful "A Rescue Story" photo book. The pictures are gorgeous and show the true bond between dog and owner.

It amazing how they always know when we need them most??

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