Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Learning how to play

It is always sad when a young dog comes into rescue not knowing what toys are, it is even worse when they are afraid of them. This is how Turner was our house the first night. He spent the next day watching our dogs play with the toys, and quietly went over to a squeaky witch and pounced on it-it frightened him at first, but than he pounced again. From that second on, he has spent his days emptying both toy boxes into the yard. He also learned fetch yesterday. The motion of my throwing the toy frightened him at first, but now he just stays in a "sit" until I am done, than he takes off.

While posting something about playing fetch may seem silly to some, those of us who foster understand it is simple things in life that bring the greatest sense of satisfaction!

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  1. Thanks so much BDHP! I am the "finder" of Turner and his pal Hooch. Thanks so much for helping these Arkansas dogs!