Monday, August 23, 2010

Falling in love with a Newf

One of the great things about being a foster home for BDHPI is the opportunity to meet and get to know so many different breeds. In the two years I've been fostering for BDHPI, we just got our first Newf! Violet came to us last week and it did not take long for her to worm her way directly into my heart!
Here is what we have learned:

**Very smart! (Sorry Danes & least you have your looks!)

**Incredibly Agile and cuddly...and if combined, if will earn you a cuddle in the bed where there is a strict "No Foster"rule because you are just so darn cute!

**Newfs like cool surface. Tile has been her pick, but last night she found the tub, which earned her a good laugh from us humans

**Violet came to us a litle smelly and unsure of the protocol for bathing/drying I consulted with our resident Newf Expert, BDHPI Chief Admin Officer, Cindy Elkind, who explained a Newf has to be dried completely and if not, yeast infections can happen. She also did not recommend using a human hair dyer.

Armed with that information we were off to Pet Station to visit their self-wash. An hour later Brian and I were soaking wet and had black newf hair everywhere! We had two dryers going and at times had to use them on ourselves to get her hair off our face and out of our eyes! Violet was a trooper! The end result is a silky smooth coat that just calls you to pet her!

**Newfs are also great Assistants while Mom works from home.

**And when work becomes too stressful, they take up Yoga:

Violet is such a wonderful girl and if there was room in the Dew house, she would be staying for sure. I am already sad just thinking of her leaving! Whomever adopts this girl is in for a wonderful journey!

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  1. Sad to know that she is going. But you have shared some very good pictures of your love with her. It's always great to have such a nice pet, always..
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