Wednesday, September 22, 2010

RIP Laka

Laka was a precious English Mastiff that came to BDHPI from the Humane Society of North Texas in Fort Worth, Texas. She was dumped there by her owners and sprung from the shelter by our wonderful volunteer Crystal who hung on to her temporarily until transport could be arranged and fell in love with her right away! She then went to live with her foster family, Matt & Kathleen, in Austin, TX where she got along great with their other Mastiff and couldn't be sweeter or more gentle with people.

Sadly, this special girl was in such bad shape that all she would do was just lay in one place most of the day and she was horribly depressed and very painful. We took her to the vet and they diagnosed her not only with SEVERE mange, but also very bad entropion in both eyes, horrible ear infections, malnutrition, and she was heartworm positive (meaning the treatment for mange would likely kill her). There was really nothing we could do to save her life and the vet recommended not moving forward with treatment, but humanely euthanizing her to put an end to her suffering. She was the victim of horrible abuse and cruelty and we are all heartbroken that she came to us too late!

Laka has crossed the rainbow bridge and is now pain-free with a beautiful coat and running around doggie heaven with all the other dogs who have gone before her!

As Officers of this organization, we cannot thank our volunteers and foster families enough for what they do for these dogs. Cases like this are heartbreaking, but we find peace in the fact that in Laka's last days she only knew kindness and love...something that has escaped her before finding her way to BDHPI. It takes someone very special to give in such a selfless way.
Thank you to all those that tried to help her along the way!

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