Wednesday, April 25, 2012

RIP Pongo

From Pongo's foster mom, Edie:

Pongo was very depressed when I first brought her home from the Humane Society of Utah, not even glancing at me as I hooked the leash on her and led her to my car. When we got to my house I took her for a tour and as we walked it started to dawn on her that she was staying and she started to perk up. After the tour I took a seat. Pongo sat in front of me and lifted her head and looked into my eyes. I swear she was thanking me for taking her out of the shelter and my heart melted.

A short time later I saw that one of my cats was on a chair and I had Pongo approach her slowly to see how they would react. My cat hissed at her and when Pongo took two steps back I could see astonishment on the cat's face. She immediately felt comfortable with Pongo and would pace in front of her, arching her back in an effort to get Pongo to pet her.

 At the dog park, Pongo would walk to greet each human and get petted. Occasionally she would actually interact with a dog! Pongo was old and arthritic but she would occasionally channel her inner puppy, giving us the play bow and leaping in circles.

I don't know how Pongo wound up at a shelter at the age of 10. She was an awesome dog and I hope I gave her as much joy and comfort as she gave me. I am so blessed to have known her. -Edie

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