Wednesday, May 1, 2013

BDHPI loves their Senior Dogs

Senior dogs are so special, but also very  hard on a rescue's resources. The obvious is that they typically stay in rescue for months on end & need pain meds for arthritis management.  The not so obvious, that only those of us who have fostered or adopted a senior, is that they are by far the easiest and most grateful dogs on earth.

Senior dogs won't eat your couch. Senior dogs won't knock people over at the front door. Senior dogs are patient. Senior dogs only need a quick trip around the block. Senior dogs are to deeply loyal. Senior dogs are so appreciative of  warm bed to spend their final days & years.

When BDHPI was created, it was created on the basis that Senior would always be welcome. With that in mind, we wanted to share a statistic that we are so proud of.  In 2012, we brought 44 senior dogs into our rescue. While we sadly lost 5 precious souls before they could be adopted, we found forever homes for over 39 senior dogs!!!

Way to go, BDHPI!


  1. THANK YOU for your wonderful work. I am a wildlife rehabilitation specialist and animal behaviorist turned writer:)
    I adore animals.
    I also adore your blog.
    Author Oana