Thursday, December 19, 2013

Lil Bit- Why we do what we do...

BDHPI was contacted by the family of a lovely woman who was sadly battling cancer. Her time on this earth was drawing to an end but she was leaving behind her beloved Mastiffs. BDHPI gladly offered to help and welcomed Buddy & Lil Bit into rescue. Two days after bringing them into rescue, their Mama passed away. We are so thankful she left knowing her babies were being taken care.

Once in rescue, we began to observe that Lil Bit didn't feel as good as she should. Her Foster Mom immediately made an appt at the vet and we were all so sad to learn that Lil Bit too had Cancer. The vet felt she was really struggling,  in a lot of pain and suffering in a way this sweet old lady didn't deserve. With the advice of the Vet, the Officers at BDHPI made the painful (but right) decision  to peacefully end her pain.

Lil Bit left us, but joined her Mama on Tuesday afternoon. We all find peace that they are together again.

Buddy, her brother, is THRIVING in rescue.  He has a lab in his foster home and they are playing together like little wild animals. His Foster Mom says she lives in fear everyday that they are going to take down her Christmas tree :)

We are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to be a part of both Lil Bit and Buddy's lives.

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