Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Seniors need love too!

Just a few of the Seniors who are looking for their forever family!

Have you ever considered adopting a Senior dog? They are the hardest to place and stay the longest in rescue.

If you haven't considered adopting a senior, maybe you should! You get a wonderful dog, but without the puppy behavior of chewing, digging, and other mischief. We often hear people they don't want to adopt a senior because they may not have them for long. While this is true, the flip side of that thought is that with anything, there are no guarantees in life. Just because a dog is 8 years old doesn't mean they don't need the love of a forever family like a 2 year old does.

Most of the seniors that come into rescue have lived a hard life. Many of the don't even know what a toy is, nor have they ever laid on any surface other than dirt or cement. Their bodies usually paint us a picture of neglect and it breaks your heart to know they have lived the majority of their life without the proper love of a family.

If you are looking to adopt from BDHP, or any other rescue organization for that matter, please don't pass by the dog with the grey face. Stop for a minute, read their bio. He or She might be just who you are looking for...just in a different package than you were expecting.

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