Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Update on Yaeger

Yaeger, as some of you might remember, was one of BDHPI's special needs Danes. He came to us with a horribly damaged hip that required surgery. He was fostered for quite some time at Dr Winton's house where she diligently had him in PT and water therapy to get him healthy. It was of mixed feelings when he was adopted as that Dr Winton had really come to love this goofy boy! She was thrilled beyond belief when she read the below note. This is why we do rescue:

From Yaeger's new family:

Yaeger (now Jager) has been a busy boy since moving in with us. He has gone for walks, been groomed, went to our friends house last night with us and played with their dog, and been completely spoiled. He seems to be settling in well and is continuing to learn what toys are for. We found a trick to get him to eat by mixing half a can of wet food with his dry food and then mix in some warm beef broth. He has taken to that mixture. Attached is a photo of what Ashley came out of the bathroom to see - he climbed up on his own and went to sleep. He is such a lug! - Ashley & Robert

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