Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Update on Lily the Permanent Foster

BoldUpon being diagnosed with severe Spondylosis, Lily the OEM came to our family in December 2010 as a permanent foster. She came in very fearful, timid and not a huge fan of men. She was afraid of the dog food bowls and dog beds (which, as you can see in the above picture, she has overcome!)

Almost 4 months later she has blossomed. She adores our other dogs and is my faithful companion. She loves to play with plush toys and has one with her most times of the day. She is definitely a "woman's dog", but is finally to the place where she trusts my husband as well.

She will always have a fearful side to her and we have to be careful with her and strangers, but she is a true joy to our family. She is so grumpy, grouchy and set in her ways. She makes us laugh every day with her crazy antics. Her poor wrinkles cover part of her eyes, so when we talk to her she throws her head back to look at us and that gives us a laugh every single day.

She has become such a loving dog who would literally protect me to her last breath. The house behind us is adding on a floor and nothing makes her angrier than if one of the workmen dare to even say hi to me :)

Lily Lou Lou has brought so much to our lives and I know we have to hers as well. I can't encourage people enough to consider taking in a permanent foster. Yes, you do so knowing the end is coming, but the joy outweighs any sadness. To know we have made a significant difference in a life brings deep satisfaction.


PS- Many thanks to my wonderful husband who has worked so hard to gain Lily's trust and affection. You never gave up on her and in return you now have a girl who jumps up in excitement when you come through the door. You understand and respect her limits...which makes your crazy dog-lady wife very thankful for your support!

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