Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Updates on a few BDHPI Alums

Remember Monty who was adopted at 10 years young! Here he is still livin' the life with his wonderful parents!!!
Well we took Monty and Lexi to the dog park last Saturday. Monty had a blast. He took off RUNNING…it was amazing. We were so happy to see him running, it just lifted our hearts. He loped a couple times after that but mostly sniffed around and wanted everyone to pet him. He loves people. He is such a great dog…we just love him.

Remember Emmitt the Great Dane Puppy, his new name is Moose and now he is all grown up. Here he is watching Marmaduke!

Remember Daja the adorable Dane/Saint mix? Her she is with her new family enjoying the Colorado winter:

Thanks to all of our Forever Families for sending in these pictures of BDHPI dogs in their new loving homes. I cannot tell you how much it warms our hearts and gives us the encouragement to continue to save those that need saving!

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  1. Awsome to see your rescue doing so well placing dogs in good homes!!

    i really want to get a rescue great dane/ or wolfies for my next dog, currently have a spca greyhound/collie mix whos the love of my life

    check out my blog with my wild horses i adopted from muster