Thursday, April 7, 2011

Please keep scrollin'

Dear Adopting Families,

This is just a friendly reminder to please scroll ALL THE WAY to the bottom of our adoptable page. There are so many fabulous dogs down there. Some of us have been here since last summer. We think it's pretty darn unfair.

It hurts our feelings that we keep getting skipped over. Would it hurt to consider a mature fellow like Clifford? Or maybe a gal like Briar Rose who loves her people so much she just doesn't like to share with other dogs? Why with a face like she has, would Gertrude keep getting passed by? And, who doesn't love a big brindle female who promises to love you with her huge heart like Molly?

These are questions our foster families ask every day. While they love us, they would love it even more if we found forever families. We all deserve a new last name..Will it be yours?


and Briar Rose

And Gertie

And Molly


  1. Nice pics. All these are yours?? I too have a German Shepherd.
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  2. Molly looks cute. Very nice pics. Keep it up.
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