Wednesday, April 20, 2011

We need your help

The good news is there is tremendous interest in BDHPI and adopting from our organization. We get over 100 applications a month.

The bad news is that with over 100 applications a month we need a continuous group of volunteers who can help process them.

It can all be done from the internet and phone, it is great for Volunteers who are not able to be in direct contact with the dogs.

To be a part of our Application Committee:

1. Attend a 1 hour training session
2. Be responsible, responsive & people friendly
3. Be willing to become educated on BDHPI policies & procedures
4. Be willing to read through the BDHPI website and become educated on Nutrition & Training philosophies
4. Be willing to call references & conduct the applicant phone interview

If you are already an active Volunteer with BDHPI, please contract if you are interested in attending a training session.

If you are new to BDHPI you first must complete a Volunteer application which you can find on our Volunteer link at

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