Sunday, May 1, 2011

BDHPI lives by its motto

"Every Big Dogs Deserves A Chance" the motto that was applied to BDHPI when we first began in 2008. It makes me so incredibly proud that to this day we continue to stand by our words.

Meet Tulip, a 3 month old OEM. Tulip only has 1 eye and has a deformed front foot. To many, she would be considered "unadoptable". But not to us! To us she deserves a chance. To us she deserves to be loved, imperfections at all. Sure, she is going to need a special family who is dedicated to her orthopedic needs, but why shouldn't we give her a chance?

And, than there is Maurice. A sweet baby boy who was accidentally stepped on by his mom. The injury caused paralysis in his hind end, but we are thrilled to say he is regaining use of his legs as we speak. His breeder considered him "not worth selling" and was ok with the risk of euthanasia at a local shelter. Maurice is going to seen by a wonderful BDHPI vet and we will have a plan of action for this sweet boy in no time.

These two cases will most definitely eat up a lot of our funds, but we are ok with that. We will do what we need to do to make sure these two babies are safe and healthy. We will be their advocates until they have new families of their own.

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