Sunday, May 15, 2011

Lily Lou Dew

Brian and I are so deeply sad to let you know that we said goodbye to Lilly, the 6 yr old OEM, who came into our home in December as a permanent foster. As with many things rescue, she was meant to be mine even before I knew it! She had gone up on the website a few weeks prior and I immediately was drawn to her picture. When I got an email from Lindsay saying she had been diagnosed with severe Spondlyosis and asked if we might consider taking her in, I knew it was meant to be.

Lily came into our home as a terrified, growly, snarly, snappy girl. We immediately bonded but it took some time, in fact a few months, before she truly trusted Brian. It was very clear she had been mistreated at the hands of man. Brian was so patient with her and respected her boundaries. He let Lily determine the extent of their relationship and I can’t tell how happy it has made me the last two months to see her actively seek him out for belly rubs or playtime.

Those that know me know that I love the seniors and really love the scrappy old ladies. You only had to look at my Lou Lou for a second to know she had lived a hard life. It made me love her even more. It’s been a long time since I’ve had such a devoted dog by my side and her absence is pounding through the walls of our house.

Lou and her crazy personality made us laugh everyday…her impatience at meal time, her temper tantrums she would throw if we didn’t let her out quick enough after meal time, the way this old broken lady still loved her flea squeaky toy, the snoring, the way she would come in the dog door on her own but not go out and the way she would go belly up for a tummy rub if your hand even appeared to be moving in the direction of her belly.

Lily passed away peacefully our home yesterday with the assistance of Dr. Jason. She enjoyed 3 McDonald’s hamburgers, a great belly rub and snored up until her last breath.

As always, I feel incredibly blessed to be part of an organization like BDHPI that believes that Seniors and Special Need dogs are as deserving of a home as the next dog. Lily, along with the other Dew dogs that went before her, are the reason why we do what we do. The sadness we feel today is completely worth it for the love she gave to our family.

Rest Easy, Lou


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  1. I love this testimony Bree......I think we forget how "hard" it has been for some of these poor creatures...especially the seniors who have endured it for years.....It struck me when you said her absence is pounding through the walls of your home......I think that is exactly how it feels...thinking of you and Brian..