Thursday, March 19, 2009

Do you know any Groomers?

Here are BDHPI we loves all kinds...even those Pyrs, Newfs and Saints that come to us smelly, dirty and with long, painful matted fur. It is our top priority to get them groomed, which does not come with a cheap price tag. For some perspective, it took 5 hours and $150 to groom Boyd, a Newfie we had a while back, at a local pet store.

We are looking to form relationships with local Groomers who may want to donate their time, or even give us a discount. Even if we got a handful of people who would offer up their services once a quarter, that would be a tremendous help.

So, readers of this blog, do you have any ideas?Do you have any connections in the grooming world? Even if you don't, it never hurts to ask around.

If you have any suggestions, please email


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  2. Muttz 'n' Stuff in Parker (across the street from the Wildlife Experience) will let you wash dogs in their tub for 1/2 off if you tell them it's a foster dog. That's where I went with ZZ.

  3. Bob's Dog Wash at 2915 E 3300 S in Salt Lake City is great. It's only around $12 for a wash, but they reduce the cost when you bring your own shampoo. The tubs have easy access for self-washing and stairs for easy entry for large and small dogs. I don't know if they do any discounts for rescue/foster animals, but I can check the next time Ellis goes in.