Thursday, March 5, 2009

Godspeed, Kenai

From Bree Dew, HR Director:

As volunteers for BDHP we are fortunate to meet and interact with so many wonderful foster dogs in our program. It is usually a quick relationship, and we so happy when our dogs move onto their new lives with their new families. An added bonus to being involved in this rescue is the relationships we form with the personal dogs of our fellow volunteers. We become so involved in one another's life, it is only natural that all of our own pets join us in the journey.

We were all very sad to learn today of the passing of Kenai, the beautiful 12 yr old Malamute mix of our very own Behavior Director, Kari Bastyr. Kenai was such a great old dog who loved his toys and his mom very much. What is so interesting about Kenai is that he wasn't always a great dog- in fact, he was a shelter reject who everyone else had given up on...until Kari found him, only hours before he was to be euthanized 12 years ago. He had separation anxiety, aggression and a multitude of other issues that Kari was faced with, and patiently worked through.

I will miss Kiki very much. I often went to Kari's to let out Jasper and Kenai if she had to work late. Jasper would run around the yard at break neck speed, while I would grab a handful of hotdogs or treats and pull up a chair on the deck with Kenai. Jasper was too busy running to notice, but I would sit there and just freely hand out the treats. Now, in Kari's house the rule was that a dog has to "earn " their treat....nope, not when Auntie B was babysitting! Kenai knew it and would happily gobble them down. If I wasn't handing them out quick enough he would howl at me. Than, when he had had enough, he would leave my side to go sunbathe.

Kiki passed today surrounded by Kari, Ethan, Sheryl and his beloved vet Apryl at TenderTouch.

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