Tuesday, June 2, 2009

BDHPI Leadership Grows....

We have recently added on some new members to our BDHPI Leadership Team and I wanted to take a moment to publicly recognize them all and remind you to take a look at our website to learn more about your current Officers & Directors. These folks are incredible professionals and hard at work behind the scenes every day and I appreciate their support and dedication to our cause so much!!!

Here is a current list:

Lindsay Condon, CEO/President
Greg Smith, COO/Vice President
Rand Winton, DVM/CMO
Rob Landry, DVM/CMO

Kari Bastyr, Behavior Director
Bree Dew, Human Resource Director
Claire Whitlock-Skinner, Fundraising Director
Nada Giunta, Marketing Director
Sonya Aamodt, Retail Director
Marie Silverstein, Medical Director
James Lane, IT Director *NEW
Samantha (Sam) Lehr, Media Director *NEW (bio coming soon!)
Amy Humphreys, Accounting Director *NEW
Craig Brooks, Operations Director *NEW
Barrett Donaldson, Southern Regional Director *NEW

Links to Bios and Photos:
Officers - http://www.bigdogshugepaws.com/about-us/officers
Directors - http://www.bigdogshugepaws.com/about-us/directors

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