Thursday, June 25, 2009

Dear Prospective Family

Dear Prospective Family,

Well, it's been a week since I got here. Mom said I am hypothyroid - apparently that is not a big deal, easily treated with an inexpensive pill daily, and helps explain my bad coat and plumpness! I TOLD mom I needed more food! My ear infection is getting a little bit better - mom said it still smells bad, and my eyes are much better! Auntie Dr Rand put me on some great stuff for all of my "issues"! I am getting spayed and pexied Friday, I hear that will keep me from having more kids and bloating. Awesome, I'm soooooooo over the puppy thing. Who does that on purpose?

So, we have been taking these ridiculously long hikes, but I LOVE being off leash, that was so much fun yesterday and this huge place near mom's house. It is a magical place called a DOG PARK! I mean, really, where has this been all my life????? Is it a big secret? Share, people, share, we need to know about these things! I actually broke out a little jog, and for a little bit ran around after Asher and this little barking dog that he was chasing. Not sure I see the point of that, though. Asher is kind of big and - dare I day it - dumb? Mom says he's just a boy and I have to be nice to him because someday he will be all grown up and not so dumb. She hopes.

I snuck into the bedroom last night to sleep, I was such a good girl they let me stay. I found an empty crate in there with a soft bed, I guess it belonged to someone named Shiloh, mom said he would want me to use it.

So, I have heard about these things called toys, so mom got me a few today....again people, you must share these magical things.......mine squeaks. Mom started to laugh, I guess I make happy noises when I chew on it. SO COOL! The little black dog that looks like an accessory tried to get it from me. She looks like an appetizer. They call her Kismet. I have attached a picture of her trying to get it. Good luck, sista! It's mine.

I hear about this place called a FOREVER HOME. Mom and dad said I will have one soon. I guess this is Asher's and Kismet's home. They treat me like family, but I know I belong with someone else. I really, really hope they find me soon. I will love them forever.
Bye for now,
Belle the Great Dane

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