Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Puppy Season!

It's puppy season here at Big Dogs Huge Paws!

Our new BDHPI addition, Miley the 8 month old Neapolitan Mastiff, was dumped at a shelter in Wyoming because she was "too big". She was also pregnant at the time and, while her owner didn't know who the dad was for sure, there were 3 other intact male Neos at her prior residence so the puppies are purebred.

Our wonderful volunteer Brittney sprung this sweet girl from jail as soon as we found out and got her settled at home just 24 hours before she went into labor!Miley's water broke at 9:30PM last night and by 10:45PM there were 3 perfectly healthy babies! She had no problems at all during delivery and did fantastic with the whole process. They are all blue, just like their mama, and there are 2 boys and one girl. The girl came first and she is the biggest.

Many thanks to the Valliere family for being willing to open their hearts and home to this special girl and her new additions! We are so grateful and look forward to watching them grow and finding them wonderful forever families.

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