Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Do you live in CO? Get your dog food from BDHPI!

Big Dogs Huge Paws has teamed up with PFX Pet Supply in order to supply volunteers, adopting families, and the general public high quality, super premium dog and cat food as a Fundraiser for our organization!

Here is a list of the Brands we will be offering with links to their website for more information about their products:
Natural Balance (
NatureĆ¢€™s Variety (
Merrick (
Fromm Family (
Old Mother Hubbard (
Wellness (
Precise (
Eagle Pack (
Blue Buffalo (
In addition, we will also be offering Greenies Treats, Pill Pockets, and Biscuits (


You DO NOT have to be a volunteer to participate in our Dog Food Program - Support Animal Rescue by ordering food through our organization and your purchase will go directly to charity!

Please pass this special offer on to any and all animal lovers you may know - we will be happy to provide pricing and further information to anyone interested.

Please keep in mind that we will be ordering ONCE A MONTH, so plan accordingly.Since there are a lot of brands available, please let me know if you need recommendations. You really can't go wrong because almost all of the brands listed above were selected for the Whole Dog Journal's 2008 Approved Dry Dog Foods List.

Here are a few comments: If your dog suffers from allergies, Natural Balance makes some wonderful hypo-allergenic formula options. Merrick is most well-known for their wonderful canned food options. Old Mother Hubbard makes Wellness products. Natural Planet has an organic formula. As far as the most bang for your buck, Precise is a wonderful option and they sell 44 lb bags. They are a relatively new company who has done no advertising, so their name isn't as recognizable as some of the others, but they have high quality food at an affordable price. We will be feeding all foster dogs the Precise Canine Foundation Adult Formula.

If you are interested in learning more about the pricing, please email

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