Monday, December 21, 2009

Update on Dudley

Update from Dudley's Family:
Dudley is doing great! He enjoys his walks, especially walking by our neighbors that have horses. Something is actually bigger than him. He likes going for car rides, but falls asleep every time. He has found that chasing rabbits is fun, but catching them probably won't ever happen. He likes Harley and gives her kiss every day. Unfortunately, his kisses seem more like a bath to her but she doesn't seem to mind. But most of all.....He LOVES Roxy (our Rottweiler). They are inseparable! They do everything and I mean everything together. He never leaves her side. They sleep, eat, and play together side by side. They play non stop. If you remember the tire, well they will play until they are both so tired they are laying on the floor with the tire in each of their mouths. He is so sweet and well behaved. We couldn't have had a better match of a dog for us!

Thank You!

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