Monday, January 4, 2010

Apollo the Akbash

The past 6 months have been wonderful with Apollo! It's been so fun getting to know him and learn and grow with him.

He's got a few cute quirks that make him unique. He absolutely loves socks! He adores kids and loves when the neighbor girls come over to play with him. Our cat Vinnie and Apollo are great friends now as well. They always like to know where one another are. He's put on a little weight since we got him. He's almost up to 110 pounds now which is a healthy weight for him. This summer we took Apollo to the dog park here in Brighton almost every day. He got to go in the water there and play with lots of other dogs. Now that winter is here we've learned that Apollo can't get enough of the snow! He loves to dig around and bury his nose it in.

Apollo makes us smile every day and we've really enjoyed learning about Akbash dogs in general. They are extraordinary dogs and we're so glad we found him at Big Dogs Huge Paws. We appreciate the follow up you've done with us and we'll get his diploma faxed as soon as possible.

Apollo & Vinne the Cat

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