Thursday, January 14, 2010

A note from Boyd's family:

Dear Big Dogs,

We were just talking about all of this yesterday!! It was Boyd's 5th birthday and the 1st year anniversary that he came into our lives!!....we celebrated big (he got a new toy and a lot of treats)!! He has been nothing but a pleasure, we absolutely love him and he has made so much progress. He was very nervous (shy) at first but now he goes up and down stairs and waits for me to get up in the morning to get his morning "love'ns"!! He is such an incredible dog and I don't even want to call him a dog - he is part of the family and I consider him my baby!! He is SO fantastic and we love him SO much!! Even though he is about 140lbs now.....he totally believes he his a lap dog and that is fine by me!!
Thank you so much and I believe Boyd would thank you as well!

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  1. This big fuzzball makes me want to add a Newfie to my family!