Thursday, July 1, 2010

A dane and her goat....looking for a home

Please note this Great Dane is not in our program, so this is a cross post for :

Monday the East Lake Animal Hospital and Orphanage picked them up and it was so sad...I have never seen anything like this! The dog got up in the van easily, but it was too far of a jump for the goat...she cried and cried because she was not with the dog untill they lifted her up in the van! I was told by the hospital that they did the same thing when they were getting them out of the van and when they were seperated for just a few minutes getting them into the fence at thier temporary home. Since they have seen this...they will find them a home together.

The goat is a young fainting goat, which explains why it is so sweet and attached to the dog. He was fine and only treated for worms, however the Great Dane was not well taken care of by it's owners. Come to find out, she is 78 and not only had a lot of fleas, which was the only thing I could see, but she has ticks, an eye infection believed to be caused by the fleas, ear mites, worms, heart worms, broken teeth and healed wounds that were not treated on her knees that have abscessed and at least one tumor. She will be treated over the next several weeks, as her health permits more treatment and spayed.

After she is well they will be looking for a permanant home for them. Trust me, I had them for 4 days and they are the most sweet and lovable animals I have ever fall for them right away. If you have any contacts who are interested in applying for adoption for the two together, please send them to the Orphanage website .

In case you haven't seen the pictures of them sleeping together and the dog following commands, I have attached more pictures for you.

Thank you to everyone for your help and all of the wonderful responses. I have not been in this situation before or involved with rescued pets and you have all shown me that the human race can still be reliable and do the right thing...which is something I no longer believed existed

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