Monday, July 19, 2010

In Memory of Max

We are deeply saddened to let you all know that we said goodbye to Max, the senior OEM, this weekend.

Max was a very loyal boy who loved me very much, but he absolutely adored my husband, Brian. They went everywhere together and Max rarely let Brian out of his sight. If he did lose sight of him, he would wander around our small 1400 sq foot house whining until they were reunited.
Max had a ton of personality and made us laugh all the time. At 9 yrs old, he still loved a good squeaky toy! His loyalty to Brian and his insistence on laying where ever Brian was caused us humans (me) to trip over him all the time as he laid sprawled out with his eagle eye on Brian. He also loved our evening as he lumbered onto it, it came crashing to the ground as he broke the support beams!

Saying goodbye is never easy, but Brian told me that he and Max had a nice talk about how he was going to a safe place where he wouldn't be in pain, he wouldn't be anxious and he could be with us all the time.

Max passed away quickly and peacefully in Brian's lap, being told how much we adored him.

I hope everyone out there will consider opening their hearts & homes to a senior dog.

Bree & Brian Dew

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