Monday, July 12, 2010

Remember him?

Remember Happy? The Presa who stayed in rescue FOREVER????!??

Here is a wonderful update from his new mom and dad!

Just wanted to update you about Squishy (formerly Happy). First off we changed his name to Squishy, he seems to like it . He has adjusted extremely well thus far. He's just an awesome dog!!! He loves everyone he meets, people and dogs, and has been an incredible addition to our family. He's treated like a celebrity everywhere we go as most people around here have never seen or heard of a Presa and are very impressed by him. He is a GREAT ambassador for the breed! We take him to PetSmart with us and he loves the attention he gets from kids there. He really loves all his squeaky toys and Kong stuffed with sweet potatoe and yogurt. The local dog park has been great for him, he gets along well with dogs of all sizes (he really loves puppies) and has a wonderful time there. Training has been going very well, we've mastered the basics and are starting more advanced training next week. Our trainer trains Police K9's and really likes Squishy. He is constantly exploring all the new sights, sounds, and smells of his new home. Every walk around the neighborhood is a new adventure for him, he's loving it! He's quite the helper in the kitchen, having to check out and smell everything. The kitchen seems to be his favorite place in the house. Overall we couldn't be happier with Squishy, he has been so much more than we ever expected!
I have attached a few random pictures, feel free to use them as you wish.

Thanks again for making this adoption work for us, and for the volunteers that transported Squish for us!!!

Tina & Chad

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  1. I just love hearing happily ever afters!

    Well done BDHP!!!