Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Remembering Leo

Leo the Wonderful came into rescue and we quickly realized he that due to his medical conditions, he was not a candidate for adoption. His loving foster family agreed to keep this sweet boy and Leo quickly became what we call a "Permanent Foster". They only had 8 short months with their boy and are all deeply saddened ast his passing.

Our Permanent Foster program is also funded by donations, and yet another reason to help us achieve our 100 Pledges by 1.1.11

Goodbye Leo, we will miss you. We only had you for a short time, 8 months, but you made sure you were a loved part of the family in that short time. I think some of the extra care and time that you needed made us closer that much faster. We’ll miss many of the things that made you you. The little nibbles you would give to say hi, the way you would lean back and hold up you paw when you wanted someone to come see you. That half bark half talk thing that you did when you weren’t getting all the attention, or the other dogs were playing without you. Sampson, our chocolate lab is still looking for you. You and him got to be quite the pals, he just can’t figure out where you have gone.

I can still see you laying on the floor, head held high, so proud. Can still see you running down the backyard, legs flying everywhere, trying to keep up with the other dogs.

It was so sad to see your body giving out, long before your heart and attitude did. I hope that you are now running free without pain and nothing to slow you down. We will always remember and love you Leo.

Your family,

Troy, Debbie, Ryan, and your buddy Sampson

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