Thursday, September 3, 2009

Dear Ichi

Dear Ichi,

You've made quite am impression since arriving at BDHPI. Maybe it's your big puppy paws, or that your head is too big for your body (Don't worry, you'll grow into both). Or maybe, it's because people are shocked and horrified that you've suffered so much in your young life.

We are so sorry your last owners didn't perform the easy and fairly inexpensive Entropian surgery that you required. We are so sorry that your eyes are so scratched that you can no longer see. We are sorry that the surgery we are going to provide for you is coming too late for your sight, but we are very happy it will take away your pain.

Ichi, we can't get over how happy-go-lucky you are. Your blindness and pain have made you not skip a beat. You are one resilient boy!

We promise you will not feel any more pain. We promise you lots of love. We promise we will find the perfect family for you...until than, you have found a home with us.


Volunteers of BDHPI

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