Thursday, September 10, 2009

Note from Margo's foster mom:

Margo had her FHO surgery approximately 3 1/2 weeks ago. She has had a follow-up appointment and according to Dr. Winton Margo is doing well!

She has lost weight, but her appetite has returned so, hopefully she will gain some of that back. She loves all treats and takes her meds easily when they are wrapped in a goodie. Her favorite has turned out to be a mini cheese quiche with the pill shoved in the middle.Margo is still wobbly on her back legs and needs help getting up in the morning but is much better after loosening up.

Her personality is still very mellow and loving. Everyone loves her when they meet her. She does chew on tree limbs and plants when she is outside. A hose, two light cords (unplugged, thank god) and one shoe have also been among the fatalities around the house. The key is to have chew toys readily available for when the urge to chew hits her.

She loves laying in the sun in the grass, sometimes it takes a lot of coaxing to get her to come in, even at night. I think she prefers the outside over indoors, unless the weather turns bad.

Margo is one of those dogs that you can't help but love. Great with dogs, cats and kids and people of all ages, male or female. I think her forever home should be low activity level and people who just want a wonderful companion.

Thanks for choosing me to be her foster mom! She is a blessing..Linda

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  1. Margo is lucky to have you too! A question - how much does Margo weigh? My Great Pyrenees (140 lb)recently luxated her hip - degenerative arthritis - and if it does again the vet says I have to consider FHO. I'm worried she's too big for it to be effective, but I can't afford THR and I don't want my baby to suffer. She's on Rimadyl and Tromadil and will start accupuncture once the leg is out of the sling. Advice?