Monday, September 21, 2009

Update from the Siple Family


Delilah(formerly Annie) is an intricate part of our family. She is such a delight and brings us a great deal of joy. It is amazing how attached she is to our daughter, Rachel. In fact, Delilah has a hard time settling down at night to sleep if Rachel is at a sleep-over with a friend. When Rachel paints her toenails she often includes Delilah in the process but Delilah does not mind in the least. Thus, they both generally have pretty purple or blue nails.

Although, Delilah does not mind getting her nails painted or trimmed, she still does not like a bath. It is ironic because Sampson enjoys a bath, but does not like his nails trimmed.We took the dogs camping this summer. Sampson loved the lake, but it took a great deal of coaxing to get Delilah to even get her feet wet. Their personalities are unique, but they are both incredibly wonderful dogs.

We were a little worried that having two great danes would increase stress in our family, but the opposite has occurred. Sampson is not bored during the day while we are at work, so he is less destructive. Thank you for encouraging us to adopt Delilah. She is amazing and we love her!
The Siple Family

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