Monday, September 14, 2009


I was at dog food pick up this Saturday when one of our volunteers, Steve, came walking up with a very handsome boy he introduced as Deuce.

I immediately noticed he walked with a funny gait and I immediately thought he had some sort of hip problems. Though I was very upset to see that as soon as he stopped walking, his front legs buckled over. A few minutes after that, his back legs did the same.

My mind immediately flashed back to my first foster, Tarzan, who I had 4 years ago- who I lost to Wobblers. I immediately asked Deuce's age, and became very concerned when Steve told me he was around 2- which I knew was a the prime age for Wobblers to set in.

Deuce captured us all with his sweet disposition- to both the strange dogs and humans he was meeting. We are all very angered to hear he had been turned into the shelter with the instructions to be euthanized from his previous owner because he no longer wanted him. This news made us love him even more.

I was very happy to hear that Steve's next stop was to see our wonderful CMO, Dr Winton. As I drove away from dog food I called Dr Winton just to express my worry ...that cute boy's face stayed with me all day.

Dr. Winton did infact diagnose Deuce with Wobblers, and she also immediately decided he would be staying with her as her foster dog! This boy apparently made a great impression with her too!

The next course of action is an MRI, and from there we can decide if he is a surgical candidate. Regardless of the outcome, he hope to find Deuce a forever home who is willing to take on a special needs dog. It is scary to take on a dog that you know you may not have forever, but speaking from experience, what your heart gets back is worth every fear!

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