Friday, December 3, 2010

100 Pledges by 1.1.11. Reason: NAPOLEAN THE GREAT!

Napoleon the English Mastiff arrived into rescue a complete mess back in July. He could barely walk and needed assistance doing anything more or less. He had so many orthopedic issues that it was hard to know where to start but he was so sweet that we knew he deserved a chance at a brighter future and needed our help to regain quality of life!

The following day, July 27, 2010, he underwent stifle surgery with Dr. Dave Matthiesen to repair his Right ACL. He performed a lateral stifle arthrotomy and all remnants of the torn ACL ligament were resected including any intact fibers. The medial meniscus was inspected and treated by partial mniscal release. The joint capsule was routinely closed. The cruciate deficient stifle joint was stabilized using a conventional technique via an extracapsular technique using lateral fabellar sutures. Heavy nylon sutures were passed uner and around the lateral fabella to a hold drilled in the proximal tibial crest.

He was sent home on antibiotics for a week, pain meds, and suture removal was scheduled for 10-14 days. Recovery included no running or jumping for 4-5 weeks. As part of his Physical Therapy, Napoleon has been going to see Tammy Wolf ( on a regular basis and it has helped him tremendously.

Four months later, on December 2, 2010, he was finally ready for surgery #2 and Dr. Matthiesen performed the same procedure above to repair his LEFT ACL. They surgery was a long, very difficult surgery but he made it through like a champ! We expect that in about 3 months, he should be fully recovered and ready for adoption. It's been a long haul, but Napoleon (aka Borque) is in wonderful hands with Dr. Winton as his foster mom who is closely monitoring his comfort and recovery!

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