Monday, December 6, 2010

What is a Borzoi?

Meet our first Borzoi to rescue: Kaylee

Borzio's are often mistaken for greyhounds. They are said to be from the Saluki lines, brought to the US from Russia. They are super athletic and agile.

They are known for their quietness, rarely barking. They are very sensitive, so please speak easy! They respond to positive training only. As adults, they like to spend their days molding themselves into your couch.

They are sight hounds, so a fenced yard is important. They were bred to chase, so they are extremely fast. They are good with other dogs and can be good with cats if they are raised with them (Their hunting instincts are are triggered by movement so we don't want any of that prey drive kickin' in)

We hope you enjoy Kaylee as much as we do! I am sure she will have a new home before we know it!

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