Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Lily is a 5 yr old OEM, turned into rescue when she was unable to walk and her family could not afford her pain meds.

She was smelly, dirty and very fearful. When she was growling at her own family, we suspected abuse.

Lily has been in rescue for 3 weeks and we are happy to report that with pain meds and a little TLC, she can now walk and seems quite happy. We were all saddened last week though, to learn that her pain is caused be severe spondlyosis. The vet is unsure of how long she will have quality of life. When we received this news, the Officers of BDHPI decided to make her a permanent foster with BDHPI until her time comes.

Enter Bree & Brian Dew. Bree, an Officer at BDHPI, had been admiring Lily form afar for the last few weeks. When she heard the news that Lily needed a place to live out her days she emailed her husband every sad looking picture of Lily she could find in an attempt to sway him. It wasn't long before she received an email from her husband that said, " Lily is adorable. I think it's a good idea if she becomes a Dew!".

So, Lily arrived in Colorado two nights ago. She is super fearful and gaining her trust might take a while. She is becoming very attached to Bree and is accepting of Brian and not doing any of the growling we heard she might do.

Dr Winton has already tweeked her med protocol a bit and will be sure to keep a close eye on Lily to make sure she is as comfortable as she can be.

Welcome Home, Lily Dew!

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