Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Reasons to give to our 100 Pledges by 1.1.11

Need a reason to join our 1.1.11 Pledge? Here are a few...BDHPI alumns enjoying their new lives with their new families.

Remember HoneyBear, the very scared OEM? Her new name is Katie and she has found the most wonderful family who is willing to do whatever they to help build her confidence. Here she is during one of our "Trail Manners" Obedience classes!

Remember Carillion, the 9 yr old Great Dane found in a snowbank? This is Rilla now, living the wonder life in Golden, CO

Remember Monty, the 10 yr old Irish Wolfhound? Here he is checking out the Donkeys that live next door!

Remember the 4 Neo babies we had? Here is Holly & Jenna, in their favorite room of the house...the kitchen!

What about Romeo, the 3 legged Cane Corso? Here is he is with his amazing new mom and brother. I bet Romeo never imagined a life so good!

If you join our pledge campaign, it will only help us help more dogs in need. BDHPI hasn't even begun to scratch the surface!

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