Sunday, November 1, 2009

Be still my heart

My husband and I have been obsessed with Mama from afar. When Lindsay told us her daughter, Cassie, was being adopted here in Colorado and needed a place to stay for two nights before her adoption we happily agreed to let her stay with us.
Cassie is special needs- she has some sight issues, but let me tell you what...the family that is adopting her is going to be counting their lucky starts others passed on her. She is so loving, so sweet, so affectionate! She is about as bomb proof as they come.

My husband was out running errands, so I bonded with Cassie right away. She climbed on the couch and snuggled in. I was in true deep love. But than, I got dumped. Brian walked in the door and Cassie has had eyes for only him since the moment he stepped foot through the door. I begged her to come lay with me, I bribed her with no avail!

My hubby just yelled for me to come out to the family room, and this is what I saw. She is such a traitor!
So family in Castle Rock, you are about to adopt one of the sweetest dogs I've met in quite some time. The Dews are so jealous of your new addition!

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