Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Champ has crossed the Rainbow Bridge

Letter from Sam:

We were lucky enough to be honored with Boobooface's presence for a very short eight months. Boobooface came to BDHPI with the name Champ, which he never answered to, and with more health problems than any one dog shoud have. He had a rough life and it showed on his face and body, but that never affected the way he treated people!He loved being with people and other animals. He was wonderful and taught all who met him about forgiveness, compassion and love.

No matter where he was, at school, working with the Red Cross Kids, at the vet or just out and about, he made a difference in the people he met. HE was gentle with the Chihuahuas and accepting of all the other goofy animals in the house. Everyone loved him, he was hard not to love because he had a great big heart. I know that we are not the only ones missing him.

As an Apache I follow the belief that you must let them go so they can go on and be happy in their afterlife. AS long as we mourn we hold them to us because they stay to protect us, and if anyone would stay to make sure others are okay, it would be my Boobooface. As hard as it is to let go, Boobooface deserves it more than I can every explain! So we will let go, but never forget Boobooface or his lessons because we love him and he should be happy as he crosses the Rainbow Bridge!

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