Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Thanksgiving List

Thanksgiving List by a BDHPI foster dog

1. I am thankful for the family who saw me tied outside with no shelter from the snow and called Animal Control. I am thankful for the wonderful shelter staff who called BDHPI to see if they had room for what my previous family considered a "throw a way dog"

2. I am thankful for the BDHPI volunteer who got up at 5am and drove 7 hours to pick me. She offered me reassurance and kind words as she loaded me into the van, and than turned right around and drove another 7 hours home.

3. I am thankful for the party that was thrown for my arrival- they took my picture, gave me a new collar, called my name over and over again, and marveled at how gorgeous I am. Noone had ever told me that before! Iam even thankful for the stuff Dr Winton put up my nose!

4. I am thankful for the new people, who everyone calls foster parents, who brought me to their home- they gave me my space and than offered up love when I asked for it that first night. When they tucked me in for the night the pretty lady whispered "You're safe now." And I believed her... There are not enough "thank you's" in the world to ever express my gratitude to my foster family. You saved my life. I hope I will make yours better too.

5. I am thankful for the wonderful food & medical care I've been given. Iam thankful to all of the kind people who donate money in order to provide me with such good care.

6. I am thankful to all the volunteers of BDHPI who do so much behind the scenes work that us dogs never know about.

7. I am thankful to the volunteers who answer the hotline and email. You are the first set of people my new family will speak with, so thank you.

8. I am thankful to the volunteers who process the adoption applications, all the time doing it because they want to make sure they find me just the right home. I know you will never let me fall through the cracks.

9. I am thankful to the volunteers who do the Homechecks. I know you are making sure my new home is safe. I know you are making sure I will be loved and understood. I trust you.

10. Lastly, I am thankful to the group of people who decided to make their dreams come true by creating this rescue. You are changing lives. You should be so proud of yourselves.

The Past, Present & Future dogs of BDHPI

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