Thursday, November 12, 2009

Update from Papi's Family

Update from Max's (formally Papi) forever family:

Max (a.k.a. Papi) is doing fantastic! He is a BIG boy now, topping the scales at 130 pounds, which is a dramatic improvement from 5 pounds at eight weeks old. He has taken over the alpha role in our pack, and is enjoying his life with our other Saints. He has claimed our two year old daughter as HIS human, and his favorite thing to do is play with her. He is such a lover and always willing to please, and has made all of our lives such fun.

I want to thank everyone at Big Dogs Huge Paws for all their efforts to find great homes for our giant friends. It really means a lot to me knowing that the dogs that come to you will find not only a great human friend, but someone who truly loves them.

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