Monday, October 18, 2010

Please pray for Jessie, a BDHPI Alum

Some you may remember beautiful Jessie the Saint...we were very sad to receive this update from her family and ask that you please keep them in your thoughts as they battle her cancer:

Our dear Jessie who we adopted last April sadly will be leaving us in a month or so. Just three months after adopting her, dear Jessie became ill; within a couple of weeks she was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lymphoma. She immediately began Chemo treatment at CSU Vet Hospital and went into a full remission in just a matter of days. She has been happy and healthy over the last few months but just yesterday, when she went back for her 5th round of Chemo, we were informed that the lymphoma has returned. We love and appreciate Jessie so much and will see her through to her final journey. She will be missed dearly by her family…..Cynthia, Scott, Bailey and Ollie.

Thanks again for all you do and giving us the opportunity to share in life with Jessie…so short, but so sweet.


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    God bless you.

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    love and wishes
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