Sunday, October 31, 2010

Brandie (formerly Brittney) crosses the Rainbow Bridge

Some of you may remember Brittney, a 9 yr old Senior that was adopted over a year ago. We were so thrilled for this old lady and she went to the most perfect home. We were all saddened to receive this note from her parents this week, but will be forever indebited to this wonderful family for seeing the beauty in a grey face!

A week before we picked up Brandie, we weren't even sure if we would be getting her. A bad reaction to medication for arthritis pain relief had led to a perforated ulcer and a blood transfusion. We thought, privately, that even if we did get her we were looking at a very short time with her. Nothing could have been further from the truth.

From the moment Brandie (formerly Brittney) walked into our house, grabbed the tug toy and tossed it in the air, settled comfortably *right* next to daddy (never an inch in between the two!), I knew she had some good times left in her. In the more than a year we had together, she happily went on rides, hung out at the dog park - she loved meeting new people - and took walks around our property. She learned to love carrots and apples and blueberries. Healthy snacks were just fine for this girl! Everyone who met her loved her. She charmed her way into all our hearts, and we miss her.

We're very thankful to Big Dogs for giving this 9 years young, sweet girl a chance at a happy ending.

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