Friday, October 29, 2010

RIP Bruce

Bruce the Bullmastiff was originally picked up as a stray and was found wandering with a Chihuahua. He won the shelter staff over with his charms and when his stray hold was up they contacted BDHPI for assistance because they knew this guy deserved a chance. He was transported from Idaho Falls to Pleasant Grove, UT where he quickly warmed his way into the hearts of his foster family! He was a great big goofball who got along with everyone he met.

One day Bruce started limping so we took him to the vet for x-rays and we soon found out that our lovable giant had Osteosarcoma. Knowing that his time with us would be limited, we made him a permanent foster in our program and for 2 months he has been getting loved and spoiled by the Hollingshead family.

Unfortunately, the dreaded day finally arrived when the pain became too much and he could hardly get up anymore. Bruce was surrounded by people who loved him and peacefully crossed over the rainbow bridge on Wednesday.

To honor his memory, a family friend carved Bruce's face onto wood which will soon be stained with his collar attached to it as well. Our hearts our broken to lose this special boy but we will always remember his fighting spirit and loving ways!

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