Friday, January 16, 2009

Medical Emergency for Rogue the Great Dane

Rogue is a stunning black Dane who just made his way to our rescue a few days ago. Sadly, Rogue bloated last night. Thankfully he is being fostered by a family who recently had their own personal experience of a dog bloating, so they immediately recognized the signs and were able to rush Rogue to the ER!

Rogue came out of surgery late last night and the doctors are very optimistic!

As you might imagine, GDV surgery is not inexpensive. If you would like to donate, please email if you want to use a credit card. If you would like to donate via a check (made out to BDHP, Inc,) it can be mailed:

Bree Dew
3400 S Grape St.
Denver CO 80222

Please keep Rogue in your thoughts.

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