Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ozzie Update

Ozzie & his brother Deacon

From Bree, Ozzie's new mom:

It's been a few weeks since Ozzie officially became a "Dew", via becoming a member of the BDHP's permanent foster program. Both Brian and I breathed a little easier when he became ours. Oz had become so attached to us, the thought of making this old man adjust to a new family was heartbreaking.

Ozzie has learned to climb on the couch, though sometimes he needs some assistance getting his legs back out from under him. He loves ice cubes, but prefers if we hand deliver them instead of making him get up and come to us at the freezer door. He is most excited in the morning, where he whines in excitement and flea bites us. The funny part is he has no teeth, so he basically just gums us. We also have to be careful with socks, which he will happily eat if given the chance.

His dementia is sadly becoming more prevalent. There is more random barking at none existent things, and confusion which results in accidents in the home. Though, one look at that old man with his tongue sticking out the front of his mouth makes all well. To try to counteract the dementia, we have also added a vitamin regime which is known to be helpful with senior dogs who have dementia.

Brian and I are so thankful he is a part of our family. Last night he wiggled up to me on the couch, laid his head on my chest, breathed a deep sigh and snuggled in. It reminded me again of why I love this organization!

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