Sunday, January 25, 2009

Who's The Boss?

Tonight I decided to walk adorable Lollipop (see below post) and her foster brother, Deacon, over to Kari Bastyr's house, BDHP's Behavior Director. In an earlier post, you may remember that Kari owns Jasper, the tallest Great Dane any of us have ever seen here at BDHP.

Note the size difference. Lolli weights 118lbs, Jasper weighs 160lbs and Deacon (not pictured) weighs about 185lbs

All 3 dogs began to play bow, testing the water soon after this picture was taken. It quickly became evident who was the boss! LOLLIPOP. She quickly put Deacon in his place, hurting his feelings enough that he ran to me and hid. Next, she took on Jasper and his crazy antics:

Incase he was confused as to who was in charge of this play session, and all further interactions for that matter, Lollipop pulled this maneuver:

Once she was done playing (note, Deacon was still hiding under my legs), she decided it was time to rest. Jasper, being the wise old soul that he is, decided he would take her little rest as an opportunity to stand above her. It didn't last for long...she quickly informed he wouldn't be doing that either!

Jasper is thrilled to have a new friend who isn't intimidated by his size!

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