Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ozzie has crossed the Rainbow Bridge

Dear Ozzie,

You left us this week. Even though we knew it was coming, and even though we thought we were prepared, nothing could have prepared us for how truly heartbroken we are.

As soon as I laid eyes on your at the C.A.R.E Transport, I secretly knew you would be ours. You were confused, skinny, painful and so, so smelly. Heather, Lindsay and I did our very best to get you cleaned up, and Dr Rob did his very best to make you healthy.

You will be so greatly missed. We will miss you falling asleep with your tongue sticking out of your mouth. We miss your short moments of excitement where you would yank items out of our hands or off counters and shake your head as hard as you could.We will miss your toothless flea bites. We will miss walking around the house and hearing the faint wag of your tail as we pass by.

Daddy told me this morning you visited his dreams last night, I am so jealous!

On your behalf, we will thank Dr. Landry, Dr Bentz and the entire staff at Mountain Ridge Animal Hospital for taking such good care of you. Dr Rob went above and beyond (as usual) and made time for you in his schedule no questions asked…even on his days off.

We will also send your love to all the volunteers, from multiple rescue organizations, who took care of you as you made your way to BDHP, Inc. We will also thank BDHP for understanding that Senior dogs deserve love and a happy home too! They see the beauty of a Senior dog, just like we do.

We are so thankful for your peaceful passing, and know you were greeted by all of the other Dew dogs that went before you.

Your Family, Bree, Brian, Bobbie, Sadie, Zach & Deacon Dew

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  1. We will all miss you, Ozzie! I won't, however, miss your incredibly loud snoring... although it made you who you are. You were so, so sweet and such a gentleman. Please say hello to all the other Big dogs who went before you, especially Duncan.
    your Auntie Kari