Friday, March 5, 2010

You are safe now

Dear Shep,

You came to the shelter as stray. We are sure you were running for a long time due to your condition- emaciated with sores all over, skin issues, heartworm positive, and infested with parasites. Who would ever let such a sweet boy go?

Your foster family reports that you terrified you are going to be locked outside, so you run out to potty and run back in. Don't worry, Shep, they won't ever make you stay outside.

We are excited to watch you heal and gain some weight. You are a handsome boy, so we are all sure your will have a long waitlist when you ready to be adopted.

Welcome to BDHPI, you are safe now!

1 comment:

  1. That's right, Shep - we'll never make you stay outside! Watching you transform into a member of the family has been so rewarding. You didn't know what dog toys were when you first arrived. Now you're throwing them in the air and having a blast playing with them. You'll have some tough days ahead with your heartworm treatment but once that's behind you things should be a breeze. You've come so far; I sense you are grateful for your new life. It gets even better, buddy; even better - I promise!

    All our love,
    Your foster family